Relationship Counselling


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Relationship counselling is for everyone. Whether you are single, married, in a partnership, a same-sex couple or members of the same family, and need help dealing with relationship difficulties, and , want to work on improving your relationship(s) – we can help.

Did you Know?

  • Conflict in relationships is normal.
  • The problem is not the problem – it’s your attitude to it.
  • How you cope and deal with conflict is one key to developing better, more harmonious relationships.
  • How you feel and think about yourself –Self-worth –  contributes to the happiness or misery you experience in your relationships.
  • And, if there are children involved, they suffer when their parents are hostile towards each other and they often blame themselves for what’s gone wrong.
  • Couples often only value their relationships when it’s over.
  • Little Changes Make a BIG Difference.

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