Covid-19 Safety Protocols

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

We are now providing both on-line and in-person therapy, however, clients wishing to attend for in-person therapy are asked to observe the HSE Stay Safe Protect protocols here: and take note of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols detailed below:
  1. You should not attend in-person therapy if you have developed even mild symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID-19; you had first-hand contact with an individual who is diagnosed with, or has even mild symptoms of COVID-19, or you have been advised to self-isolate Please self-monitor for Covid-19 and DO NOT ATTEND IN-PERSON THERAPY if you are showing any symptoms. Please familiarise yourself with the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 here: 
  1. If at any time you become unwell or are undergoing testing, or come into contact with someone believed to have COVID-19 you must let me know. You will be offered the option to continue your therapy online until the situation is resolved
  1. You are asked to arrive at the building at your appointment time as the waiting area cannot accommodate social distancing. When you enter the building, we recommend that you wear a face mask on the stairs and hallway and come straight up to the room
  1. While the toilets remain available it is recommended to avoid using them as they are in the general area. If you do use the facilities please apply precautionary hygiene protocols
  1. Close contact will be minimised as much as possible. A distance of approximately two metres will be maintained in the therapy room
  1. I will leave the door of the therapy room open for you and will not be able to offer a handshake due to social distancing requirements. On conclusion of the session you are invited to let yourself out the door so that social distancing can be maintained
  1. Hand sanitizer is provided which you are asked to use both before and after the session
  1. You are asked to observe respiratory hygiene as advised by the HSE 
  1. All contact areas will be cleaned before and after each session
  1. Payment is made at the end of the session either by placing cash on the table or by electronic transfer



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